Access To ASP .NET UI Conversion Previewer allows you to preview some converted web pages in screenshot. 1. Paste your Access SaveAsText form into the text box below and press the Convert 1 button: (default: Hello World!)   2. Select an Access as text (.frm/.txt) file and then press the Convert 2 button: *A screenshot of the converted web page is expected if there is not problem. Notes: 1. FireFox browser is recommended and other browsers may not work well for the screenshot. 2. Download our zipped northwind sample forms with two routines that can be used to save your Access forms as text at download 3. Save your Access forms as text files with file extension .frm/.txt using Access SaveAsText routine. SaveAsForms routine 5. This previewer does not generate any script file nor read any of your code behind and does not store your text files neither. 4. This previewer was extracted from one of our production converters and modified for demonstration purposes only. It's still under testing. Thank you for visiting our website and for evaluating our products. We hope this previewer can help you to evaluate our UI conversion with your own Access forms. © Copyright 2024 All rights reserved.